Step by Step instruction on how to care for the elderly and ill with
compassionate touch/massage.
After nearly a decade of NFL
experience with numerous injuries
and surgeries, no therapy even came
close to PRRT in rapid, lasting pain
relief.  Some chronic problems were
corrected in a single session,
remarkably in minutes.
--Jay Schroeder
Former NFL Quarterback
A non-profit educational and service
organization dedicated to the
delivery of palliative compassionate
touch therapy to homebound or
hospitalized men, women, and
Nursing Home Abuse Center

The thought of it is disturbing, but nursing home neglect
and abuse of the elderly occurs all too frequently. They
are some of society's most vulnerable people, but senior
citizens are at perhaps their most vulnerable when their
living situations make it clear that they cannot easily
defend themselves.

Our Mission

The mission of Cancer Hope Foundation is to enhance the lives of people
affected by cancer.  Our energies are currently concentrated on Camp
Keepsake, a program which offers a cost-free camp retreat for adult cancer
patients/survivors, their children and friends.  Camp Keepsake provides
support in an energetic and fun atmosphere.  The invitation is extended to
family members, close friends, and caregivers, hoping that they too will
benefit from their visit to Camp Keepsake.