Specialized service in Oncology Massage and Manual Lymph
Drainage (MLD)
is provided by Steve Romey, LMT.

The American Cancer Society says…….

According to the American Cancer Society, “massage conducted
by a trained, licensed professional is considered safe, as is
myotherapy.  However, pressure that is improperly applied to
muscles or applied in the wrong places may increase pain.” Dr. Lisa
Corbin, University of Colorado Health Sciences, The Center for
Integrative Medicine states, “massage therapy should be accepted
and condoned as a potentially beneficial intervention for
symptomatic relief in patients with cancer, and it can be safely
incorporated into conventional care  of cancer patients.”

The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment can be
fatigue, pain and anxiety.  A safe and appropriate massage should
cause none of those situations, but create a time to feel
comfortable and calm.  With proper training in the precautions and
contraindications of massage for the patient living with cancer, a
safe and effective therapy session can relieve pain, decrease
muscle tension, decrease anxiety before treatments.  Receiving a
massage during chemotherapy or after radiation treatment can give
a general feeling of well-being and feeling cared for.  
Communication between the physician, patient and trained
Massage Therapist gives the best opportunity for the patient to
have the safest massage for their type of cancer.

Premium customized massages are provided to fit your needs.
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Swedish massage; as well
as Power Stretching and Reflexology can be selected individually or
combined to achieve the desired outcome.  In addition, we provide
compassionate touch to the elderly and those in hospice care.  
Based in  Agoura Hills, Head To Toe Massage services  Los
Angeles and Ventura Counties.  We specialize in Residential,
Commercial, Sports, Special Events, and Parties.  Our massage
services can be provided on-site using your home, office, event
space, or at our facility in Agoura Hills.

Why try Head To Toe Massage?
Our services can be provided for just about any occasion you can
dream up, as long as it is ethical.

Our 'Back to Health' program educates clients in holistic prevention
and management of back and neck pain.

We specialize in chronic and acute pain.

Our custom massages will leave you relaxed yet invigorated and

Try a Head To Toe massage today for a holistic approach focusing
on long term health and improved quality of life. Also available as a

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