I have been suffering from chronic headaches for years.  The only way I have been able to cope with the headaches is to
take Advil on a regular basis.  In addition, I recently started to experience a sharp pain running from my lower back to my
right foot.  I have been to chiropractors, massage therapist, and medical doctors in the past for my chronic headaches.  
Unfortunately they were not able to cure my headaches and I was in so much pain from my lower back.   My daughter
suggested I see Steve Romey for help with my headaches and low back pain.  Although I was reluctant since I hadn't had
any success with massage therapist in the past I was pleasantly surprised.  Steve has been treating me for 3 weeks, and
after the first week my headaches were gone.  During the first week my lower back pain was reduced dramatically, but Steve
recommended additional sessions to release the tension and reeducate my muscles.  I can't even begin to tell you how
grateful I am to Steve.  I no longer take Advil and my lower back feels great.  In all of my years of seeing various therapist
and doctors I have never felt relief like Steve was able to provide.  My family and friends have noticed a dramatic change in
my appearance and attitude like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  I am telling everyone that Steve was
able to fix my chronic headache and low back pain.  Steve has really changed the quality of my life.

-Monica, Canoga Park

For my dad's 86th birthday, I bought him the gift of a compassionate touch massage by Steve Romey. I had gone to Steve
for headaches, and was extremely impressed with his technique (and I've had 100's of massages, so i don't impress easily).  
I was equally impressed with his genuinely caring attitude.  When he told me that he loved to work with elderly people, I was
surprised, but delighted, because my parents are quite old and not in good health. I would now be able to do something for
them that would make their bodies feel better and raise their spirits -- they don't get out much, don't meet very many
people.  When I asked my dad how his massage was, he told me it was one of the best hours he's spent in a long, long time.
In addition to an excellent massage, my dad thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Steve.  Because Steve talked to him like
a person, instead of an old guy... my dad felt good about himself, he was stimulated by the conversation and happy.  Steve
has a very special, kind way of dealing with people. According to my dad, it was the best birthday present I could have
gotten him... and he can't wait for another one.

-Carole,  West Hills

After dealing with chronic pain for a long time, my pain level is so much less. I have done a lot more puttering around and
less sitting around. Even went to a family lunch on Sunday, which I normally can't suffer through.

Right now I'm standing at my laptop on my bar, and normally I'd be in so much pain by now that I'd have to go sit down.

I got on a treadmill the night after seeing you, and I was amazed. I usually am really sore after just walking a mile, and
I went two miles and felt almost none of the usual soreness or pain.

I did some beginners yoga this morning and found parts of it pleasurable instead of the usual pure excrutiation!

Very dramatic difference. I will want to see you again soon!

You really know what you're doing!

Thank you!

-Brent, Agoura Hills

On November 24, 2007, I ran the 9 Trails 35 Mile Endurance Race in Santa Barbara, CA. I finished in 8th place overall with a
time of 7 hours, 53 minutes. 141 runners were registered, 108 started, and 80 finished.

For the non-runners, the website describes the race as an “advanced run with approximately 11,000 feet of ascent and
11,000 feet of descent.  Portions of the trail feature rocky technical sections, multiple creek crossings and sections where
the trail can be overgrown with brush.  The uphills are long and steep and the downhills can be fast and
hazardous…Because this is an Ultra-race, many runners will be on the trail anywhere from 7 1/2 to 13 hours.” The race is on
a “nasty, gnarly, brutal course…that is tougher than many 50 mile races.”…. I must have overlooked this section of the
website when I signed up!!

I would not have been able to complete this race without the help of several people. First, I would like to thank my parents,
Kelly Cheney, and Steve Romey for their on course support. My “pit crew” waited patiently for me at various points along the
course, only accessible by hiking a few miles, and providing me with the necessary fuels, encouraging words, and laughs.
Their support is essential to my success at every race I attempt. I would also like to thank Steve at HTT Massage for serving
as my training partner and fueling my adventurous spirit by exploring new trails with me. My massage therapy sessions with
Steve are critical to staying loose and strong for both my daily training and racing.

-Eric, Woodland Hills

Our Mother is 58 years old and has been suffering from a prior stroke and a neurodegenerative disease with symptoms that
MS patients also suffer from.  Her diagnosis date was around 1990.  The illness has taken away her ability to walk and has
severely reduced the use of both arms and hands.  We have take her to many docotors and therapists to assist in pain
management as well as overall health.  The one thing that has consistently brought pleasure to her during this trying time is

We started looking for a massage therapist that specializes in working with the elderly and individuals dealing with illnesses
such as Multiple Sclerosis.  Our family physical therapist referred us to Steve with Head To Toe Massage over 3 years ago.  
After talking with Steve, we found that he not only treats people with MS, but he also works on people with Parkinsons's,
Cerebral Palsy, Alszeimer's and more. Steve and our mom have developed an amazing relationship.  He seems to bring
peace and calmness to her life at least once a week, and our mom looks forward to her massage treatments.

We are extremely appreciative of Steve and the therapy he provides for our mom.  Steve is a highly trained professional and
passionate about the service he provides.  Our mom has a tremendous amount of respect for Steve and we would highly
recommend him to anyone needing the type of service he offers.

-Jack and Shawn, Encino

Steve Romey has been my massage therapist for the past year, and I am deeply honored to recommend him on several

-His skills as a massage therapist are unsurpassed.  Not only is he highly trained and expert in his knowledge of several
types of massage, he
knows, both by his expertise and his intuition, exactly which type to use for each client and in each situation.

-He has a special calling to work with the elderly, the frail and fragile who are unable to handle ordinary massage.  His
compassion is as healing as
his touch, and he is especially suited to working with those who are seriously ill or in hospice care.

-In addition to being a fine massage therapist, he is dependable, prompt, and has a kind way of providing companionship to
those with whom he

I am a 76-year-old woman with several health problems: diabetes, third stage osteoporosis, a heart condition, and
occasional bouts of depression.  Steve has been attentive to all these problems in his regular visits and has been a great
help to me in working through the loss of my husband a year ago.

-Milania, Woodland Hills

I was in my 8th month of pregnancy when I went to see Steve for a massage.  The baby and extra weight were
causing so much pain in my lower back that I couldn't sleep well at night.  In addition, my neck and shoulders were
tight from working at a computer and other stresses in my life.  Steve worked on me for 1 ½ hours focusing on the
problem areas, and other areas that were tight I hadn't mentioned.  I have been to many spas for massages, but
this was by far the best massage I have ever had.  Often times I would tell various massage therapist where I was
sore and when they were done I felt that they didn't really get the tight areas.  Steve made sure to release all of my
tight muscles and I walked out there feeling lighter and refreshed.  I have recommended Steve to my friends and
family, and will continue to utilize his services for years to come.

-Arax , Woodland Hills